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On February 8, 2005, Embed Google Map was launched as a desktop version in the USA.

The Maps service has been personalized since April 2007. Maps can now be saved and released. You can easily create your own overlays. The "My location" function determines your own location.

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Since March 2017, Google Maps has been offering real-time information about your own location. You can determine whether, when and which friends can follow the location live on the map. GPS as well as the reception strength of cell phone masts and WLAN and Bluetooth networks are used for mobile phone location. In autumn 2019, this led to an erroneous traffic jam report for cars on a street in Berlin because two Berliners carried 99 switched-on smartphones in a handcart.

The map display was changed in August 2018. The earth is shown as a globe if you zoom out far enough. This represents size relations on earth more realistically. For the time being, this is limited to the desktop version of Maps available in the web browser.

In August 2019, the app version of Maps introduced the augmented reality mode Live View (named after the live view camera technology ) and some functions were taken over from the Google Trips app, which was no longer being developed at the same time , such as: B. suggesting excursion destinations or restaurants.

You can choose between a map display, a satellite image and a view in which streets, paths and border lines are sketchily drawn in the satellite image and labels are taken from the map. Navigation elements and a zoom function make it possible to move around on map or image sections without a search term.

The map service contains a navigation function that calculates routes using various means of transport. For car journeys, real-time traffic data on traffic jams is taken into account and displayed in red. Google does not receive traffic jam and accident reports via radio signals, but rather through crowdsourcing : Location information from driving Google users is processed immediately in order to identify traffic jams and slow traffic.

Mobile apps
Embed Google Map can also be used on mobile phones. Embed Google Map is preinstalled on many mobile devices. An app is available for iOS and Android.

Since October 27, 2007, your own location has been determined without GPS using GSM radio cell queries. They call this function My Location.

When Apple no longer delivered Google Maps preinstalled (with iOS 6), many users reacted appalled, as Apple's own map app was not rated positively either by users or in the trade press. Since December 13, 2012, Maps for iOS has been available again for free in the Apple App Store. However, Apple is still considering the delivery of its own maps service. With Google Transit, Embed Google Map also provides connections with public transport and with Google Street View views of streets in the app. The appearance of the app differs from other iOS software and is similar to Embed Google Maps for Android. The app quickly became one of the most popular in the App Store.

Since September 2018, Google Maps has also been available for Apple CarPlay.

Satellite images
Depending on the region, Embed Google Map offers up to 21 zoom levels, each of which offers different content. Many street names are only visible at high levels, while main roads or motorways are visible beforehand and are labeled from a certain level. For larger cities, a resolution is achieved in which individual people or details of cars can be recognized. Polar regions from 85.05113 ° latitude are not available. Since August 2018, Google Maps' database no longer shows the images with the criticized Mercator projection, which depicts areas near the equator smaller than areas near the poles , but rather on a round globe.

If you search for an industry or a search term with regional reference (e.g. "Restaurants in Berlin" ) in the input field on Google - this can be a zip code, a district, a city, region or a federal state - the search engine checks whether regional hits are displayed by Google Maps next to the organic search hits. Embed Google Map adds the content of local companies or branches to the organic search, while websites are listed in the organic search. A commercial entry on Google Maps is therefore also possible without your own homepage.

Street View
Google Street View is an additional service introduced in 2007 to Google's map service “Embed Google Map” and the geoprogram “Google Earth”. Views are shown in 360 ° panoramic images from a street perspective. In contrast to many countries, Street View in Germany only shows large cities due to data protection concerns.

Maps 3D
With Maps 3D, Google calculates realistic and detailed 3D images from aerial photographs. In contrast to Street View , there are no data protection objections here. Maps 3D is currently only available in the desktop version of Maps and in the mobile application Google Earth.

Maps Indoor
Since 2011, Google has been providing its map service with information about certain buildings so that they can also be navigated through. As soon as the zoom factor of a building has reached a certain threshold, a view of all corridors and rooms appears automatically. Google Maps Indoor is available in selected countries and buildings. Germany has been part of it since December 2012, and the German Museum in Munich was available at the start.

Google Transit
Google Transit was developed in 2005 by Google employees Avichal Garg and Chris Harrelson. They used the 20 percent of their working time that employees were allowed to use for their own projects at the time.

In 2007, the service from Google Labs was added to Embed Google Map. According to its own information, the company has been negotiating with many cities since 2005 to be able to use public transport data in Maps. Google Transit initially only supported the city of Portland, later other transport companies worldwide followed. The Deutsche Bahn timetables have been integrated into Google Transit since September 2012, and in November of the same year the timetables for local transport from Münster and Munich were added. [24]Almost all major cities in Germany support Google Transit. Since 2015, Embed Google Maps has been showing real-time data for buses and trains in some cities. [26]

Google invented the General Transit Feed Specification data format to exchange data between transport companies. Google needs GTFS data to display routes based on the actual timetables.

With GTFS real time , the company aims to also display delays in a comprehensive manner. Vehicle positions and schedule deviations (failures, diversions, unforeseen events) are required for this.

Google Map Maker
From 2008 to March 2017, every user was able to update Google Maps with the Map Maker service. From spring 2013 to March 2017 this was also possible in Germany , Switzerland and Austria. [28]

Moon, Mars and the starry sky
Since August 2014, the moon and Mars can be explored using the 3D surface of Google Maps. The two offers Google Moon [30] and Google Mars in 2D are still available. Since 2009, both celestial bodies can also be explored in 3D using Google Earth. The starry sky is available in the 2D view on Google Sky.

Programming interface
Google offers programming interfaces with which you can integrate Embed Google Maps into your own pages. API calls can be used to configure maps on your own pages, and markers can be placed on maps. The 18 APIs of the Google Maps Platform include the areas Maps, Routes and Places.

An API key is required for integration, which authorizes your own pages to send requests to Embed Google Maps servers. The standard and premium versions of Maps, which were available until 2018, have been combined so that an API call requires a payment profile - even if you only use the free contingent. Each API call is chargeable, but Google grants a credit of $ 200 per user for each month. Basic functions like embedding cards remain free regardless of how often you use them. Google provides embeddable HTML code for this. The pixel dimensions of the representations can be defined in the code. This means that larger maps can be created with Google Maps than in the standard view.

Live View
At the beginning of August 2019, Embed Google Maps activated the augmented reality mode Live View. In addition to the location view, information and suggestions about the viewed location are also available on a smartphone or tablet. For this, z. B. arrows, markings, map overlays or info boxes are displayed. This requires for devices with Android the app Arcore and IOS app Arkit.

Differences to Google Earth
With Google Earth, Google is expanding the functions of Embed Google Map. A pure map display like with Google Maps is not possible with Google Earth. As of version 4.1, Google Earth has a function with which you can display the area under consideration in Google Maps. Google Earth is offered free of charge for Windows, macOS, Linux and as a mobile app for Android and iOS. The raster data are based on satellite images of different "generations". Very different qualities can be seen at the highest zoom level. The rural regions in particular, which do not belong to the “western world”, are usually very roughly resolved.

A Google Earth function has been built into Embed Google Map since April 27, 2010. [35] It is displayed in the browser. The user can tilt and rotate the images and dive in the water.

Boundary information
In the summer of 2010, in response to criticism, Google admitted that it did not always accurately reflect the course of state borders. In over 60 countries and regions they wanted to check and adjust the curves. [36] For example, in February 2010 the Cambodian government complained that Google incorrectly indicated the border with Thailand on its maps. [37] In early November 2010, a Nicaraguan military commander caused a serious interstate conflict with neighboring Costa Rica when he cited Google Maps on the Río San Juanoccupied land with troops. The US Department of State, which had moved the border by around 2.7 kilometers, was considered the source of the map data.During the Crimean crisis in 2014, the Russian version of Google Maps showed the Crimean peninsula with a border line separated from the Ukraine. The Ukrainian version depicted Crimea as part of Ukraine. [39]

License terms
There are copyright notices in the images in the form of digital watermarks. The ability to print satellite images directly was removed on July 21, 2006. Since then, when you click the print button, the underlying overview map appears in a new window, on which no detailed information is displayed for many areas. As with any website, however, data can be printed out as a screen copy.

In contrast to services such as Open Streetmap, maps and images from Google Maps are subject to Google's license terms. Companies as well as private individuals are bound by Google's license terms. [40] Everyone who uses a picture or section from Google Maps or Google Earth must leave the Google logo in the picture. In addition, a permit is required in the vast majority of cases.

The use of Google Maps in a commercial context is generally only permitted via the Google Maps API. Separate general terms and conditions apply to these. Copyright notices, trademarks or other proprietary information may not be removed from the map material.

How to embed a Google Map to your website

It's easy to generate a code with our Google Map generator and insert it to your website. In this quick guide we will show you how to embed google map and how to do it:
  1. First enter your address or company name in the search field on the left.
  2. Play around with the settings. You can activate satellite mode or normal view and adjust the map zoom.
  3. Adjust the width and height so that the Google Map copied from the map generator fits perfectly on your website.
  4. If you like the result in the map preview, simply click on the Button "Get HTML-Code".
  5. Now, the HTML-Code of your Google Map is visible in a new opened modal.
  6. Copy the code and paste it into your website.
  7. That's it! Enjoy your easy embedded Google Map.
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